Fun ways to Learn Japanese 1: MALL

MALL stands for: Media Assisted Language learning.

MALL for Japanese includes media such as: Japanese movies, Japanese animation, Japanese comics, ... [click for more].

Ideally media assisted language learning should include the original language and also a translation or alternatively other learning materials to assist learning.

A prime example of this is:
erin learn Japanese website includes audio and video content, in addition to Japanese manga and learning materials.
Subtitles are displayed at the bottom of the videos - optional subtitles include: Japanese (kanji), Japanese (kana), Japanese (romanji), English.
Kanji, kana, hiragana, katakana, romanji, Japanese and English Subtitles

While watching these videos shadowing is advised.

Shadowing means repeating after the audio. The learner should attempt to sound exactly like the original audio sample.

Learn Japanese Manga

Video with Japanese and English Subtitles

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